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have lost a child

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Let's talk, laugh, and cry together. Dads in Grief is a support group of bereaved fathers who have lost young children from birth to 17.

We host events in Calgary, Alberta where we can meet together and share our unique journey of grief.

Coming Events

Dads in Grief - Fire Pit Night

2021-03-27 18:00 - 2021-03-27 20:00

Park 96 - 14660 Parkland Blvd SE, Calgary AB T2J 6L5

After being isolated for so long due to COVID, we feel it would be great time to reconnect with a Dads in Grief night. We are having a fire pit night at Park 96 in the south east of Calgary. With COVID restrictions we are required to limit registration to 10 people on a first come first serve bases. Feel free to bring snacks and drinks (Alcohol is permitted at this location). If you choose to drink alcohol, please ensure that you find a way home safely.

The pin for the entrance gate to ark 96 will be provided via email prior to the event.

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